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Today state-side players have a huge range of online US Dollar Poker sites available to them. The combination of game theory, chance and psychology that has always made the game so popular is just as thrilling online, and the constant technological evolutions look set to keep it that way. As we evolve, so too does this great game. To get started on your own poker journey, check out our guidelines here.

In every US Dollar Poker game you will be dealt five cards, and will have to decide whether it seems good enough to win the round. Based on your decision, you must act accordingly, choosing to check, bet or fold. You can only check if no other player has yet placed a bet, and stay in the game without wagering yourself. If you bet you need to match or raise the previous stakes, and if you fold you forfeit your hand. The bets go into one pot, which is taken by the player with the best hand at the end of the round. The US Dollar Poker rooms’ strict hand-ranking system is shown below, listed from best to worst.

  • Royal Flush: Ten to the Ace cards of the same suit
  • Straight Flush: Five sequential cards of one suit
  • Four of a Kind: Four same-ranked cards and one other
  • Full House: Two ranks, with three cards of one and two of the other
  • Straight: Five sequential cards of different suits
  • Three of a Kind: Three same-ranked cards with two unmatched cards
  • Two Pair: two same-rank card pairings and another card
  • One Pair: Three unmatched cards and one same-rank pairing
  • High Card: Five unmatched cards, always named after the hand’s highest card

The intrigue lies in reading the other players for tells or clues about their hands. Everyone’s behavior influences everyone else, and influences every outcome. Shrewd players pride themselves on winning no matter what hand they are dealt.

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Online vs Offline Poker Rooms in America

The atmosphere of a live American poker game is unbeatably intoxicating, but there are several perks to playing online as well. They are much easier to access, there are many more games to choose from and it is much cheaper to play.

The US Dollar Poker sites that we review also usually allow you to play free for no deposit. When playing online you need to read different tells than when playing offline, and cultivating this takes time and guidance. The online resources offered at poker rooms, dedicated sites and chat rooms, and free-play practice time, go a long way towards this.

It’s also possible to play at more than one online table at a time, and to come and go without having to go back to the bottom of the waiting list. There is also an Auto Play function, allowing you to carry on with other activities or games while online, and rate of play is about three times as fast as offline. All of this means you can take home some serious winnings at online Poker sites as your skills improve and you can manage multiple tables. Spreading yourself over more tables also keeps things more stable.

Get the Best US Dollar Poker Online

Playing real money Poker in the online rooms that we review here will immerse you as much as playing in saloons immersed the American pioneers who first created the game. You get the age-old thrills of this entertainment with many technological improvements!